X96 Air remote useless

Original X96 Air remote is doing something werid. Generally works great when navigating GUI
but things go bad when I want to seek, pause, exit or show OSD menu.
It just freezes for couple of seconds or dosn’t react at all.
Same happens when using amremote and messon-ir. With messon-ir it’s even worse.
I tested all X96 Air remotes found on CE forum. None of them works as it should.
My old remote from TANIX TX5 PRO works just fine. I would use it but doesn’t turn X96 on.
I also have problem of creating own remote on this box. Can’t get pass ir-keytable –t command:

ir-keytable: Too many arguments

Never had that kind of problems with TX5 PRO.
There is also problem with external HDD. The box does not recognize HDD after restart.
Is it becuase it’s still quite new box or am I doing something wrong?
Lots of problems with this box…

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