X96 Air Versions - question

There are 3 versions of the X96 Air out in the wild.
1 has a 100M network and 2 have (or would appear to on some models) a 1000M network.

Of the 1000M versions, 1 has 32 GB of memory and the other has 64.

I’m presently running S905/S905X boxes off SD Cards and I’m generally happy enough with the performance.

  1. Can someone explain why I’d want/need the larger memory version of the X96 other than “I can and it’s only a few bucks more”?

  2. The box will be attached via HDMI to a receiver and the receiver to the TV. Can I use the bluetooth in the box to connect to a pair of BT earbuds and divert the audio to the earbuds / cancel the audio to the receiver?



I run a x96 max+ with 32gb of internal. I use that for Android & run CE off of a 32gb sd card. I’d say 32 is enough.
I don’t have a sound bar, but do run bt headphones, although I found the internal bt was flaky so bought an external bt adapter.

I have the X96 Air 64GB one and it works well for CoreELEC in the internal memory, I am not interested in the android or microSD. For the small difference in money I think it is a better option.

In the beginning (early 2020 or so) there were indeed 100M and 1000M versions, a 100M ver with 2gb memory (16gb emmc) and 1000M versions with 4gb memory and various amounts of emmc. I bought one of the 4/32 devices and it works well after thermal mods (see separate thread).

However, at one stage all of the models advertised reverted to 100M regardless of 2 or 4gb versions. A quick check on BG revealed all units listed as 100M (regardless of 2/4) and on GB only one out of 5 listings mentioning 1000M.

Thus, careful when ordering if Gigabit Lan is important for you.

Ordered from China - claims to be 1000M and I bought the 64GB (aliexpress). I’m running S905/S905X devices presently that are 2/16 and 2/8 with 16 GB cards - and all of them run fine. The last box I ordered was in Jan 2017.

New box is going to be strapped to a sea turtle to make the voyage (very long/slow shipping claimed).

$51 delivered (eventually). Not sure what all the memory/storage is good for since I have a NAS, but I’ll have forgotten the price for the extra 32GB long before the box even gets here.

Any suggestions on size/make/model for the microSD card? Given that I’m used to using 16 GB cards, I don’t know what the ‘new normal’ is for the SD size. Again, I’m not putting any media on the microSD card.



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