X96 Air with CoreElec 20 on emmc


I try to install CoreElec 20 on EMMC of my X96 Air 4G, with ceemmc.

My box is installed with Android TV Aidan’s ROM version.

When I install in Dual Boot version i had a succefully installation

When I try to install in Single Boot version i had always a problem :

  • Don’t find ‘CE_STORAGE’

I try with no Corelec on emmc, with Corellec on dualBoot, but i have always the same issu.

Please could-you help me, please ?

Thank you for your help

Use dual boot - problem solved. You will lose some space but that’s the price you have to pay for free sw :slight_smile:

OK, thank you for this replys, but it’s exactly the help I need, because i don’t want to have Android on my box.

I understand. But with all the other issues this problem is easily solved. Sure it is not the correct solution but more a workaround. It is your decision to use it or not. But don’t expect proper solution anytime soon.

Is it possible to help me to have the detail of error, like a debug command, because i thank too it’s an easy problem, and may be i can find and post here the solution, but i need a minimum help to try debug log or if you think it’s due to firmware, I can try to reupload the original firmware of box, please

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