X96 Max+ how to Update1 Coreelec?

I have purchased an x96 Max+ and it came preinstalled with coreelec on internal storage. IT is pretty old, Kodi 18.9 and I would like to Update to 19.4 because netflix is not working even if I reinstall widevine.

How can I Update IT?

When I download uodate IT writes
Copy the downloaded tar file to the “/storage/.update” folder to manually update.

How? X96 does not have usb connecting like phone or my shield ATV.
How can I copy the file and where exactly?

I have never used Linux, could someone please help ME how to Update Kodi in coreelec which is installed on the internal storage of x96max+ ?

Thank you!

For the help I can send a beer over PP :slight_smile:

No need for linux. Use winscp(windows) - and transfer update file to x96. Folder is correct …/update - drop *.tar file over there.

Thank you for the reply.
I managed to ssh connect with Putty to the device, however when I list the content with “ls” command I only see this:

No update folder. Is this how this should look like? Should I jsut make the update folder and copy it there? WHat will happen after that? The x96 device will automatically detect the update folder with the tar file and install it?

Sorry for asking so stupid question, I am really new to Coreelec… thank you for the help and the patience!

X96 Max+ is S912, isn’t it?

EOL, not Matrix compatible

Have you checked here?

Thank you, I managed to Update to 19.4 and netflix now works, howrver now HBO max is broken and no matter what content I play IT buffers every 1-2 minutes, was fine with Kodi 18.9 :frowning:
Reinstalling HBO max addon did not help…

Support for HBO Max 3rd party addon.

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