X96 Max - LCD & Remote

I’m new to CoreELEC. I was previously using a Pi 3.

I just got a X96 Max, 2G, 16G.

How well supported is this device? I made a SD card and copied what I think is the right image but LCD and remote do not work. Is this normal and should I be following the remote guide or have I done something wrong? I believe I used the g12a_s905x2_2g DTB file.

Sorry if it’s been mentioned a ton of times and I missed it.

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Please refer to this for the remote:

And this for the LCD:

Thank you. It’s late now but I will report back with a post or edit.
edit1: I don’t have ‘storage’. I created one. Correct?

Thanks for your input.

I haven’t tested the network port yet (I don’t have a 1000M internet connection) but I would still like to know if its 100 or 1000M since the LAN is all I care about as I’ll be playing back videos stored on NAS/PC. As you’ve mentioned without testing it isn’t clear what it is… many conflicting sites. That eBay page listed it as 1000M and the manual inside lists 1000M but I assume its the same manual for the 4GB variant.

I will edit or post a update.

You can SSH into the box and run ethtool eth0 | grep Speed

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