X96 max plus: IPTV simple client

I’ve just received a brand new S905X3 X96 max plus 4/64.

I’ve installed latest nightly build “CoreELEC-Amlogic-ng.arm-9.2-nightly_20200215-Generic.img.gz”

Still testing it but I have a big issue.

I’ve installed IPTV simple client and set a remote path M3U => It doesn’t go above 0% channel search

I put the M3U in a local path => same!

The same M3U perfectly works on my other devices on CE 9.2.1 stable (S905X mini M8s II / MECOOL M8S pro +).

Has anybody else got the same problem?

Thank you

I had the same problem as you on my S905X box.

This is how I got it to work.
Try going to Settings --> Live TV --> General --> Clear Data (also Settings --> Live TV --> Guide --> Clear Data)


The channels should then load up fairly quickly. My big list takes about 3-4 minutes to load.

Hope it helps.

Thx…It seems to be ok now. but long to load.

The other big issue now is that Youtube doesn’t work any more, even on my S905X!

It doesn’t work for many, not only for you, read this for more info: