X96 max plus is buffering in coreelec

When I play 4K content, either from Google Drive or in local network from the PC hard disk, sometimes, I don’t always get a source that is too slow for continuous playback, I don’t know what could be the reason, could it be kodi configuration? My internet is 600 megabytes but of course it also happens to me when I use a local network, which should not affect the contracted internet. I have coreeelc installed on an X96 max plus
with soc S905x3
but it also happens to me in a Beelink gt1 ultimate, thanks.

Using WiFi? If yes, try connecting using Ethernet cable. These devices have very poor WiFi cards in them.

Yes, I use by cable.

When did this issue start ?

I have no idea what version of CE you are using now or before.

Current Version is 9.2.2

I hope you have the 4GB version, otherways you have 100mbit ethernet, that’s too slow for 4k. You could try using 8811au usb ac wifi adapter, it is supported by coreelec.

I use updated coreelec and my box is 1tb. In the beelink gt1 ultimate the same thing happens. I no longer know if it is a configuration problem that something escapes me or I do not know why, since platforms such as netflix, amazon from the TV no problem.

what version of coreelec are you on? Try the latest nightly.

Yes, I use the latest 9.2.2

maybe the source is too slow.

First thing to do is to copy this problematic file to local storage (sd card, usb stick) and try to play from there.

It is what usually puts font too slow for continuous playback, but it is q is sometimes, like the same content at another time does not say that

It makes sense that coming from the cloud, Google drive says font too slow

It is not.

to discard, hadward problem should not be? if it indicates a too slow source, or is it from google drive or in your case from my internet, should I check something about the router, port configuration?

I thought q in coreelec There was no cache problem but install easyadvancesetting and set it to 4 GB of RAM, problem solved.

maybe the real eth speed is set to 100mbps and you have to overrule it.

SSH and run command
ethtool eth0 | grep -i speed

the ethernet is ok i have already checked it

this that you say is inside coreelec, anyway the etnernet is fine.