X96 Max Plus very slow boot in internal eMMC

Hi! I bought a X96 Max Plus (4/64 GB s905x3) TV BOX. Very slow boot in internal eMMC
Clean install CE USB boot time: ~20 secound
after command ceemmc -x, boot time: ~1 minute 30 seconds in internal eMMC

What is the problem?
(Sorry my bad english)

Crappy eMMC - cheap, low speed?

I do not think so.
Android System boot time is: 10-15 seound
Copy speed from total commander to internal storage ~35 000 kbyte/s

35MB/s? I burn with 100-124 MB/s on my C4 from PC to eMMC. But also, booting time takes 15-25 seconds, never had headaches with booting time. If the GUI is snappy afterwards, booting isn’t my priority.

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