X96 max pro cec wake up

Hi all,
first of all, I’m sorry for my english :slight_smile:
I’m looking for info about CEC WAKE UP issues on the forum but I didn’t found anything relevant.
So, I’m here to ask your help.
I have an X96 MAX PRO with Coreelex 19.5.
I use TV remote with CEC and all is working except WAKE UP. When I power off the TV, X96 goes in “suspend” mode. But no wakeup when I switch on the TV or switch the HDMI source to Coreelec.
In other topics I discovered the inject_bl301 but it seems that it is no longer present in 19.5 version (I can’t find it in the “hardware” menù).
Someone could suggest me a way to solve this issue?

Thank you.

Maybe try this and see if that solves your problem. Use a clean install on SD or USB to test.

If I’m not wrong, I have to use the command line method. The Addon is not present on my coreelec.

When your device is GXL it’s only by SSH cmdline, yes.

My device should be SM1 (S905X3)

Anyway, I injected BL301 an now the behavior is:

TV power off (any hdmi source): Coreelec suspended - OK
TV power on (Corelec hdmi source): Corelec wake up - OK
TV power on (other hdmi source): Coreelec still suspended - MAYBE OK
TV switched on Corelec hdmi source: Coreelec not wake up - KO

How can configure CEC to have wake up when TV is switched to Coreelec source?

Thank you.

Just an update.
Wake up is not more working in any conditions. I don’t know what happened. :thinking:

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