X96 MAX remote wakeup not working

To give you guys an overview, i updated the /flash/config.ini file already with the proper remotewakeup, decodetype, and mask values but even after executing sync && reboot, my remote wasn’t able to wakeup my x96 max.

Run inject_bl301 and check that it installed. In the end of output you should see Update of BL301.bin on eMMC is not needed, exit now...
And check that you deleted # in config.ini in the beginning of remotewakeup and decodetype lines

Thanks for the response however, after running inject_bl301 and rebooting my device, after the shutdown, the device still won’t boot using the remote.
To confirm also, # has been deleted from the config.ini file.

I hope you also changed a code for you remote power button in remotewakeup?

yup! the codes are properly set for all those that needs to be changed but still the same. it’s frustrating. :frowning:

Please see config above and the ir-keytable that i have below:

Below also is the inject_bl301 installed

As you can see, it is setup properly.

Try putting the remotewakeup, decode_type, and remotewakeupmask on separate lines without the commas instead of all on one line the way you have it.

still the same.
Also, I was getting this issue when choosing reboot, the device does not boot up as well.
This only happened on the latest nightly build.
On previous builds, this does not happen.

Let me try to reinstall everything and see if that fixes it.

FINALLY! This has been fixed!
After reinstalling and setting it up again.
The reboot has been fixed however, that did not fix the remote control issue.
What fixed the remote control was when I set the config settings again on separate lines and removing the ’ ’ on each parameter value. Thanks for the assistance CoreELEC Team!