X96 max S905X2 playback issue

I’m a beginner of coreelec. I buy a X96 max TV box with S905x2 4g/32g. Boot from SD with firmware “CoreELEC-Amlogic-ng.arm-9.1-nightly_20190906-Generic.img.gz”. I test about 10 movies but only 2 have problem, it show splash screen. Video information as below, I try to change HDMI wire, also problem.
I use the kodi from xbox, no this issue.

the first
Resolution 3840x1396
Aspect ratio 960:349
Anamorphic No
Interlaced No
Framerate 25
Bitrate 33,872 kbps
Bit depth 8 bit
Pixel formatyuv420p
Ref frames1

the second
Codec H264
Codec tagavc 1
Profile High
Resolution 3840x2160
Aspect ratio 16:9
Anamorphic No
Interlaced No
Framerate 29.97
Bitrate 50,002 kbps
Color primaries bt709
Color space bt709
Color transfer bt709
Bit depth 8 bit
Pixel formatyuv420p
Ref frames1

What splash screen?
You said you have a problem, but I don’t understand what the problem is.
Also, the first file has a very strange aspect ratio, that makes no sense. I wouldn’t be surprised if it cannot be played.

Screen flash very quick

If you can post a video of what happens, that would be helpful.

the video is too big, I capture a picture.
two movies have the same problem

Do you always see it like this or only when the Kodi OSD is visible?
We are aware of this problem, and working on a fix for this.
It’s a problem when your GUI is at 4K refresh rate of 30Hz or higher.

always like this, but when kodi OSD is visible, the situation is more serious.

Setup whitelist and remove 4k 30hz and 4k 60hz resolutions and try again.

It’s working very well!
Thank you very much!!

When movies resolution is not matching the resolution setting in kodi, and Kodi OSD visible, some movies has this issue. When I set the resolution correct in kodi, it is no problems. It seems issue is resolution. And coreelec can not set resolution automatically, and wrong resolution cause the problem.

It’s hard to understand your explanation.
CoreELEC can set the resolution and refresh rate automatically.
And I’ve only seen this issue when the resolution is 4K and refresh rate is 30Hz or higher.

I had same problem.
My video file is 2160p@60FPS
Screen flash very quick
in the begining ,the TV show 1080P@60,
then TV change to 2160P@60

After you change setting, is it ok now?
now I set the TV show 3840*2160@23.98FPS, it looks OK. but I don’t know if the vedio file is 2160p@60FPS, the runing FPS is 60 or 23.98.