X96 mini 2/16 ceemmc -x fails to install in single boot mode

Hello guys,

I’ve got a x96 mini 2/16 box that is currently installed in dual boot mode with A95X F1 Android 8.1.0. Everything works like a charm including reboot to android and bl301 blob injection. However, when trying to install CoreELEC in a single boot mode ceemmc -x always results in:

Free space of 'partition CE_FLASH': 512MB
Warning: Could not find 'dtbo' partition!
Could not find 'CE_STORAGE' partition!
Failed to read size of partition 'CE_STORAGE'!
Failed to create new partition table!

So far I’ve tried to perform single boot with no luck on these firmware:

  • A95X F1 ANDROID 8.1.0 13.03.2019
  • ATV9 (Android 9)
  • ATV XPERIENCE V2H FINAL 19.01.2018 (Android 7)
  • X96MINI OFFICIAL FIRMWARE 3.01.2019 (Android 7)

Some additonal details:

Amlogic dt-id: gxl_p281_2g
Motherboard: Q6X V2.3

dmesg log, blkid, df -h

I do acknowledge that there is no official support for S905W ceemmc, but maybe users with the same box can share their successful experience with single boot install. Anyways, I will appreciate any type of feedback. Thank you CoreELEC devs for your hard work.

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