X96 mini 2G - DTB is unsupported during boot

Hello everyone,

i tried a lot DTB files but box will not boot at all, if i use gxl_p281_1g.dtb or gxl_p212_1g.dtb it will boot but with error DTB is unsupported and i have to wait 60sec, after that it will run into CoreELEC,

can you help me plase how can i solve this issue ?

many thanks

Where are you getting the DTB files from? Please read the CoreELEC installation guide.

You have to use “gxl_p281_2g”; https://coreelec.org/dtb/ …and rename to dtb.img (under file properties).

i went through installation guide of CoreELEC and also used DTB files from CoreELEC,
what i wrote is that when i use “gxl_p281_2g" the device will not boot… and when i use “gxl_p281_1g” it will boot but with error… where is the problem ?

I can’t tell you, but you wrote “gxl_p281_1g.dtb” and not “gxl_p281_2g.dtb”.
My x96 mini also doesn’t boot from the micro-SD card anymore, I didn’t fix it yet.

ok, my bad :slight_smile:
it looks like as DTB issue because when i use DTB file for 1GB version it works but with error when i use 2GB DTB it will cant boot

actually im using it with “gxl_p281_1g.dtb” - Kodi works fine… but that error on boot screen…

That may be so in your case.
In my case it could also be due to the Android updates. I will try LibreELEC maybe the boot works.(http://cvh.libreelec.tv/AML/) …

For me micro-SD and USB-Boot don’t work anymore with both boxes (Beelink Mini MXIII and X96 Mini). ;(

You get the 60 second delay when you don’t use DTB from CE.
Use the DTB file from the device_trees folder on the root of the SD card.
Make sure that you use the correct DTB file, and if only 1GB works, then it’s possible that you have a box with fake ram, and it’s really a 1GB box.

The problem is because you are using a third party dtb and not an official CoreELEC dtb.

This is the exact reason we have implemented this check.

Follow the instructions by @TheCoolest.

Your box is possibly equal mine. It is a 1GB ram. It shouldnt be a big problem though.