X96 Mini 2Gb 16Gb ROM

I’ve got 2 x96 minis both identical but one boots into CoreElec ok using the 'toothpick method but the other just takes me to maintenance menu. can anyone help please?

There were some Fake X96 Minis with non Amlogic processors

No DRM info records Amlogic. I’ve tried \LibreElec with same results. Could the box be bootlocked?

Have you tried the 1GB .dtb my brother had a supposedly 2gb box but would only boot with the 1gb box dtb.

I’ve tried that too. Now when I boot with an sd card in the slot, using the 'toothpick@
’ method, it won’t even let me into the Recovery menu, only when I take the SD card out will it boot into recovery???
I think I’ll try see if its rooted, perhaps that could something to do with it, but I don’t know???

Device is rooted ok, I tried booting to a USB flash drive as I noticed that it recognised this when I left the Flash drive in with some apk’s I wanted to install and it booted into the recovery menu straight away but when I flashed the image to the flash drive then tried to boot again it wouldn’t even let me into the recovery confused, you will be. hehe