X96 mini (Q6X V2.3) 2/16GB - Boot Failure or 1GB RAM

I have an x96 mini (Q6X V2.3) with 2GB RAM, confimed via Android, where only 1GB is accessiable via CoreElec.

The following TBD files either boot with 1GB of RAM or do not boot at all.

  • gxl_p212_1g > 1 of 2 GB RAM available
  • gxl_p212_1g_nand > 1 of 2 GB RAM available
  • gxl_p212_2g > Hangs on boot logo
  • gxl_p212_2g_nand > 1 of 2 GB RAM available
  • gxl_p281_1g > 1 of 2 GB RAM available
  • gxl_p281_2g > Hangs on boot logo (recommended TBD image)

Thank you in advance.

Looks like fake ram. Android “confirms” nothing because the manufacturers routinely modify the firmware to report bogus numbers.

Also those supposed hynix chips are printed with the model numbers for 2G each, so if no one was lying you would actually have 4gb. Look up chips HERE

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As Jaaxx said, those are 256MB (2Gbit) memory chips.
256x4 = 1024MB = 1GB of RAM.

your remote work?