X96 Mini (S905W) Wifi freezing/crashing fix

I have been having issues with my box losing connection and freezing up, as well as crashing ever since I purchased it. Recently I was browsing on XDA forum and found the solution, so I thought I would post here and perhaps it will help someone.

You need to set your router settings to have a 2.4Ghz network and change the Wifi bands from 2.4Ghz (B+G+N) TO 2.4 Ghz (B) OR 2.4 Ghz (B+G).
Then, connect your box to this network.

This fixed all my issues; it has to do with the N bands not being fully supported, causing low speeds and freezing.

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Thank you so much, I am surprised that my X96 MAX+ box will crash when connected to 2.4G wifi. After modifying the settings as you said, it work fine now.

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Doing this will pretty much kill your wifi speeds for devices that are N capable. A better solution would be to get a usb wifi dongle and set your router to N only.

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Thanks for the tip; trying this out now. I’ll post again if my issues come back.

I actually keep a separate network for 5Ghz which my house uses for our other devices. My x96 mini was crashing often when I connected to 5Ghz, and the other forum I read seemed to recommend 2.4Ghz.

I always had problems from the beginning, with Android and with CoreELEC, with the 5 GHz WiFi connections on my H96 Pro+, this TV Box was freezing randomly (it could be after a few minutes, after a few hours or after several days). As the 2.4 Ghz connections are very slow and do not support HDTV well, I finally put a 2.4/5 GHz USB WiFi adapter with antenna. It works very well.

First of all I installed the best firmware I know of Beelink GT1 Ultimate, then I installed CoreELEC in the internal memory, then I reprogrammed my remote control to turn on and off the TV Box, and finally I installed the new WiFi adapter. It’s been like new.

The installation details are here:

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Thank you! I didn’t mention but I actually have an external wifi adapter (FayTun / Realtek 8812au) and disabled the internal module previously.

I still seem to have issues with freezing with 5GHz, though I am not installed to internal I run CE off an SD. Do you know where I could find firmwares for x96 mini / S905W, or if that might help me?

If you never had problems with Android and 5 GHz WiFi, then your problem is different from mine.

The reason for the installation of CoreELEC in the internal memory is because I do not need an Android whose WiFi does not work.

The reason for installing an Android firmware from a different manufacturer is because none of the H96 Pro+ firmwares worked well in CoreELEC for shutdown, suspension and CEC control. I was looking for a bootloader that would work fine because the rest (DTB, WiFi and bluetooth drivers, ethernet, remote control except for the IR signals on and off, …) is installed by CoreELEC or allows you to configure a remote control.

If you want to do something similar to what I did, you will need an IMG firmware and a male USB to USB male cable to install it, the ideal is the firmware of your X96 Mini (you should always have one on hand to recover the native operation of your device ), but you can also try firmwares from other reliable manufacturers that use the S905W processor (Beelink W95, Tanix TX3 Mini, etc.) because if you are going to install CoreELEC internally you only need the bootloader.

The sites I use to search for firmwares are the websites of the manufacturers, xda-developers.com, 4pda.ru, etc.

Good luck!

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Any Solution for OPs issue besides crippling the WiFi or buying a Dongle?