X96 S905X CoreELEC 18.6 psx and n64 rom not run

Hy please help. Not install n64 and psx emulator. My coreelec 9.2.2 kodi 18.6 please help.

Nes and snes game its perfekt.

Thanks all.

You need to give more information about the issues.

Which emulators and what issues (errors etc)

When want to set off it n64 you are psx does not find a game emulator.
But I find emulators nowhere. What he would allow to install. Mupen does not resettle it.

Have you considered EmuELEC?
It’s available as a Kodi Add-on or as a Standalone install. It’s based off of CoreELEC. The wiki for the project is quite thorough and Shanti, the talented dev’s Discord is very active.

A what kind of Emu rogue there is n64 bl

Mupen64 false…

Psx game emulatir??

And commodere 64 emulator run game

But no way start you are on trace one to play

I prepare a video tomorrow

Like that as if something but nothing would have been started he would be finished.

Unfortunately I can’t work out for sure what you are trying to say.

But there is a whole gaming section for you to explore.


And if you go to Youtube and search for emueelec you will find a variety of setup and demonstration videos, including one Youtubes favourite games and Android box tester, ETA Prime, as illustrated here where there is also an N64 game (007 Goldeneye) being played on an AMLogic box.

You can run it from an SDcard,so you can try it out without affecting anything else and see how it works for your box.

This problem not emulator addon…

coreelec 9.2.2 kodi 18.6 x96s905x box:


Try what has already been suggested and install the EmuELEC addon by @shanti.
It’s much more polished and feature complete than the emulation support integrated in Kodi.
But your S905X box is probably not powerful enough to run N64 games in full speed. Not sure about PSX though.

libreelec kodi went under 17 everything. I am sorry for it already that wiped and I put this up.
Because I relaid it it was the on-line film because of an accessory alone. It’s not true,how may not be somehow to solve the n64 the comodore játkok an Emu rogue’s program at least.

Sorry, but I don’t understand what you are trying to say. Did you install the EmuELEC addon already?

I don’t understand what @Dara is asking, or what problems are, but can confirm that latest version of EmuELEC addon works OK on S905X box with N64 & PSX games running at full speed…


For CoreElec install this addon in which n64 and PSX emulators work without any problem:

It takes a long time to install, with no message, so be PATIENT until the installation is finished!

That trouble I put it up but for example the mario cart may not be from a game to step out. Information reset with a mistake throws out from the game.

I installed it and is frozen off throws out… it is not possible to rearrange Ez emulators somehow that let him run properly?
To take out of the 3.2 versions and kodi to an accessory to rearrange?

This may work it x96s905x boxomon the nes to games?

Don’t know, I use game pad controllers…

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