X96 s905x hardware acceleration

Hello. I am not very familiar with the ecosystem, but I’ve been learning a lot over the past few days. So bear with me

My dad wanted me to set up his older device for him. I don’t have a 4k TV to try it out, on my 1080p screen things seem to work fine. But I stumbled on several articles and discussions saying that Kodi 19 has no support for hardware encoding on this device. Some people are saying it works fine for them. Should I be using the Legacy version? What about support on Android-based ROMs like atvXperience?


You meant hw decoding, surely! Let go like this:

  • for 1080p you don’t need any hustle with CE, install an run from the SD card legacy CE 9.2.8;
  • for CE 19 you need to flash a new Android ROM at least Android 7 to be able to boot CE from SD card. See if you are lucky with upgrade for the box. If not, look around in forum for alternative custom ROMs.

Right, decoding of course.
I have managed to install CE 19 onto the emmc, but the question remains whether the decoding in fact works or is done in software.

That’s easy to see: press O on a remote and if you get hw in left side of the specs you are good to go. Below you can see hw decoding using Amlogic decoder - that’s hw decoding (if not you should have something like sw).

Thanks a lot! All is working properly. Do you know then what all that talk was about? For example:

News1 and News2read carefully this and you will understand!

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