X96 (s905x) Random Reboots after 20.5 Update

My x96 (s905x) was working fine up to and including 20.4.

Since it updated to 20.5 it randomly reboots. Seems to be navigating the menu is when it randomly reboots.

If I ssh into the box and don’t use the remote/menus, it seems fine.
Tried disabling the addons, but doesn’t seem to have helped.

I am also seeing the below error in the log, but I don’t see anywhere this repository is
2024-04-02 20:34:28.106 T:3723 error : Repository add-on repository.kodinerds uses old schema definition for the repository extension point! This is no longer supported, please update your addon to use definitions.
2024-04-02 20:34:28.106 T:3723 error : Repository add-on repository.kodinerds does not have any directory and won’t be able to update/serve addons! Please fix the addon.xml definition

I should mention the random reboots only occur while navigating the kodi menu. if the menu is not touched, and ssh to the box, everything seems stable. so it seems to be something to do with kodi itself after 20.5. How can I roll back to 20.4 without full reinstall?

If you did not create a Backup of 20.4

Then will have to format an SD card/USB thumb drive and burn older CoreELEC version.

Its always good idea to create Backup once you have working CoreELEC

After every Nightly i create one

This is the Way!

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I created a backup after the initial install. so probably 20.3 or whatever the release was. how to restore it?


that doesn’t help, because it is the kodi menu that causes the reboots.
I have to restore from ssh console

If this doesn’t work a clean fresh install is recommend anyway as something is damaged on your system.

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