X96 X4 - S905X4 based box - any success?

I have the X96 X4 (S905X4) box with 4GB/32GB and 1GBit LAN. Android works fine.
With CoreELEC (19.5-Matrix_rc2) the network adapter (LAN) is not working. I can’t activate it and the box is not visible in the network. Otherwise everything looks ok
I used “sc2_s905x4_4g_1gbit” for the installation
The remote control doesn’t work either … no matter

Use 100mbit dtb instead if there is any available.

It doesn’t work with sc2_s905x4_4g either.
According to the network, the box has 1000MBit under Android. This also confirms the manufacturer’s information.

There is still a problem with the network driver

This should get you going for the remote :wink:

Maybe if you could provide the “chipset” of the embedded network adatper or a log, someone might be able to help with that also,

Maybe try dmesg | grep PHY to see if you might have a JL2101 chip. Also maybe try the 100Mb driver anyway there are other reports of mislabeled boxes.

Yes it is a JL2101 chip

JL2101-N040C is a single-port Gigabit Ethernet PHY product that supports Category 5 UTP cables to implement all physical layer functions, including 1000BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, and 10BASE-T protocols …

On my 100Mbs-only board there is an unpopulated set of chip pads that are the size of that JL2101. I’m guessing the S905X4 has an onboard PHY which is 100Mbs, and the JL2101 can be optionally added to some board designs to add Gigabit?

I guess that driver implementation may limit some firmware builds running with a JL2101 to 100Mbs (and thus using a 100Mbs cable that doesn’t support 1000Mbs - i.e. one with fewer cores - lets it run OK at 100Mbs, but with a 1000Mbs compatible cable it shows issues? I’ve seen that on other platforms in the past - where a 100Mbs switch was the solution to getting reliable connectivity with a Gigabit Phy on some OS builds)