X96mini 2G/16G updated to Android 9 and kernel 4.9

Merry Christmas to all !
Today updated my X96 mini tvbox with Android 9 firmware and then tried to install CoreELEC, but after resize and reboot all I get is black screen.
Android shows that kernel version is 4.9.113
I think that I have to use NG version of CoreELEC, but there is no device tree for S905W
Any suggestions?

X96 mini only supports non NG version

Yes, for 3.14 kernel, but now is 4.9

Iā€™m getting close to releasing a public test build of the amlogic-ng build with support for the s905x/s905d/s905w. Hopefully sometime this week, if I can manage enough time between family holiday activities.


Thank you!