X96mini 2GB/16GB Matrix not working

Hi all!

I have an X96 mini with 2 gb of ram.
With the new version of Coreelec 19.4(matrix) is not working for me with the original dtb image- gxl_p281_2g
But with Coreelec 9(leila) works fine with the same nema dtb gxl_p281_2g.
I tried with gxl_p281_1g but is laggy video has low fps.

Some solution?

Did you follow all the steps here Wiki?

I renaimed every time, and just with matrix is not working with 2GB version

Did you try to boot from usb? Or a different booting solution: reboot to Libreelec, fake update or upgrade from 9.2.8 to 19.4?

You have to update your bootloader at least up to Android 7.1.x in order to run CE Matrix.

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Hoe? Can change the bootloader, the android is atxexperience android 10

I booted from sd card

I have one of these boxes, and it has S905W chipset which cannot run CE_ng/Matrix.

somebody have that problem addons with inputstream is laggy or lot off buffering, have (hbo go, amazon prime , netflix)???


HBO Go works after this workaround, Netflix doesn’t. Try and see what happens!

And about Netflix: Netflix Add-on [input-stream]

Thanks, Fixded all platform :slight_smile:

Szivesen! :wink:

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