X96mini flashing to emmc


does anybody have experince with flashing coreelec image directly to emmc? I can boot from SDcard but I would like to replace complete android and use linux only. Thanks.

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I want to flash a x96 mini with CoreELEC in the emmc and it says that gxl_281_2g isn’t supported. Is there a solution?

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Yo también estoy interesado en flashear un X96 mini con coreelec en la emmc y me dice que el archivo gxl_281_2g no es soportado ¿Alguna solución?

This is an English language forum, use it or use Google translate if you can’t.
Did you try the command for unsupported devices ceemmc -x

Good evening, I haven’t tried it, and sorry for not sending the post in English, I didn’t know it.
Where can I find more information on how to use the command on unsupported devices? Thanks.

Did you try the most obvious: using Search option for " ceemmc -x".
It should point you to this extensive explanation. At the bottom is the chapter of your interest
Unsupported devices:

Prueba con el de 1G.

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