X96x4 play some x264 files with a blur screen,hardware problem?

CoreELEC 20.0 ne,default setting, X265 files seem fine, some x264 file play fine,some not ,is it a hardware problem? I also have a x96max plus (905X3),it plays these files fine,how to fix it ,thanks.

Try to limit colour depth in display expert settings to 10bit. If still not solved upload a short sample we can reproduce and test it.

Thanks,I tried, not work,played several DVDISO,same as the pic above,
video files:15.58 MB file on MEGA

It’s S905X4? when yes please try with CE-20 Amlogic-ng if it’s same or not.

I just tried CE-20 Amlogic-ng,it’s same. test a dvdiso,maybe my tvbox have problem?

Did you try it on windows or Linux Kodi?

No,I tried on atv kodi,same. On 905X3,all these files are normal.

I played this file successful without glitches on my x96x4,
on ce20 ng nightly (it is now 20.1).

Seems the box is defective, I have returned it.

You should have checked also with preinstalled android, if it can play these files.

Yes,I checked,same as coreelec.

I bought a vontar x4 ,everything is fine now.

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