X98 Pro support

I need to be sure before I buy, X98 Pro: http://www.aliexpress.com/item/32952693379.html

Please anybody tell me, what works, what does not, I am interested especially in:

  • Netflix support (HD playback?)
  • Hevc/Hevc 10bit decoding
  • built in Wifi
  • remote control (I guess that’s pretty much the same as on S905 devices?)
  • built in bluetooth

Amlogic S912
Forget that.
Buy S905x3

Is that so bad? Will S905X3 handle Netflix HD?

I might be wrong, but a box needs to be certified before it will play Netflix HD, most are not

Wrong! Netflix HD (1080p) can be played on all S922 SBC/Boxes running CoreElec without NF certification. Boxes with S905XX and S912 can also play Netflix HD streams but only in 720p resolution.

Thanks for correcting me. :blush:

@Sholander what is recommended S922 box?

I only found that one: http://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000366870371.html available to buy, but it’s S922X

Amlogic A311D - x4 2.2Ghz Cortex A73, x2 1.8Ghz Cortex A53

I use only Odroid N2 with S922X SoC so I can’t recommend any since have no means to compare for better advice…

@kostaman isn’t that overkill as to use as htpc only? It’s very expensive actually. As Odroid N2 uses S922X, can I be sure that any other S922X will be fine?

Short answer: No.
S922X is only the SoC