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Zdravím. Byl bych velice rád za případnou radu, odkaz nebo i jinou pomoc. Mám už drahnou dobu technicky velice zastaralou mašinku CubBox X2,(imx6.arm) Rozhodl jsem se pro inovaci a pořídil jsem X99MAX PLUS. (Android). Potřeboval bych docílit boot z SD karty s nainstalovaným OS Coreelec a provozovat z karty Kodi na SCC. Jelikož to je Android tak jsem zkusil nainstalovat App Kodi. Sice to chodí ale nesepne mě CEC… Nevím si rady, takový odborník nejsem. Prosím zkuste poradit. Předem díky.

Next time write inenglish :slight_smile:

Hello. I would be very happy for any advice, reference or other help. I have had a technically very outdated Cubox X2 machine for a long time, (imx6.arm) I decided to innovate and bought the X99MAX PLUS. (Android). I would need to boot from an SD card with Coreelec OS installed and run from a Kodi card to SCC. Since this is Android so I tried to install the Kodi App. It works, but it doesn’t turn me on CEC… I don’t know what to do, I’m not such an expert. Please try to advise. Thanks in advance.

You do not use android to install CE. CE is separate, install to a microsd card or usb & boot that up. Android is not touched.

How to install CoreELEC - General / Guides & How-tos - CoreELEC Forums

You can run CE from SD-card, without touching Android.
You just have to prepare the SDcard as described in the link above.
Disconnect power plug, insert SDcard, hold AV button pressed while connecting to power.
Then it should boot CE from SDcard.

But also check this, as there are fake devices, which have less DRAM than stated, and need different DTB:

Díky za odpověď. Odpoledne se na to vrhnu. Takhle podobně jsem to dělal na původním Cuboxu ale tam se mě do toho nepletl Android. Dám vědět jak pokračuji.

In english

Thanks for the reply. I’ll throw myself into it in the afternoon. I did the same on the original Cubox, but Android didn’t get involved there. I’ll let you know how I’m going.

English only forum. Please edit your post, use google translator if you have to. vpeter already had to edit your first post.

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