Xbox 360 controller adapter support

Hi Folks,

i am looking to use a couple of old xbox 360 controllers over wireless to play my roms.

would the below adapter be suitable?


I have one of these adapters plugged into my N2. It works quite well with my 360 controller.

thanks for the reply, but that is a little expensive at 64:99. if it is the only option i likely would by and xbox one controller for less that can connect without an adapter…

Yeah, right after I posted the link, I looked at your link again. Ooops.

so i took a chance and ordered the cheap wireless adapter i showed in the url. it didn’t work with my 360 controller. it did work with an old dual shock 3 controller i have, that i could only get to work previously using a wired connection, and it works great now wireless, and have the bonus of the adapter working on my Nintendo switch, so i can use Dual Shock 3 for games where i would like a proper controller :slight_smile:

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