XBOX 360 wireless controller

Hello guys,
to connect an XBOX 360 wireless controller I need an additional hardware like “Microsoft Wireless Windows PC Adapter Kit” or should work directly with the box?

I have a TX5 PRO (S905X)

Many thanks in advance!

You need the PC adapter as the 360 wireless controller does not use Bluetooth.

You will need one of the wireless gaming receivers from microsoft to use a wireless XBOX 360 controller, since the controller uses a proprietary wireless standard.

You can either buy the receiver/adapter by itself or buy it with an xbox 360 wireless controller. The XBOX 360 controllers that are marked on the packaging as being for windows include the receiver/adapter.

You might find it easier / cheaper to find / buy with additional controller.

I use an adptador that buys in aliexpress and it goes perfectly to me.