Xbox One dvb-C/T/T2 Tuner on Amlogix s905 Box


Hi, i have a Tanix Tx 7 and a xBox USB-Tuner. I have some difficulties as CoreElec does not see my tuner above Version 8.95.2 and anything below sees my adapter but does not find any channels on scan (dvb-t in Germany).

Does anyone have a working solution for this?
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you need to install the dvb modules.

Not sure exactly how, but searching found this 8.90.4 and Tvheadend


Thanx! I did that already and after it my tuner is detected. Still no services found for dvb-t2 in germany :frowning:
Meanwhile I could test it for dvb-c (unitymedia germany) and it works! I need dcb-t2 though…
Btw, i cannot install the client for tvheadend, I ger some dependency error message. Any ideas for that? Yes I know, logs…


Sorry, you can upload logs, but I’m not clever enough to interpret them.

I THINK, you can still install the client. The dependency error doesn’t stop it installing.

If, you install it, configure it with the server/backend ipaddress, I usually give it a basic username admin & password 1234.

Then type the server ip address with the default port eg to a web browser

If the server is working, then it should prompt you to follow the wizard.

I have found in the past, that the SD channels will be scanned, but I have to rescan a couple more to get all of the T2 (HD) channels

I assume you have got a good tv signal?



Which modules need I install?



I have a xbox tuner, but I can’t remember which one I used.

It would be far quicker to try each of these, rather than waiting for a reply