Xbox One Tuner - Continuity Errors


I have a problem with the Xbox One tuners (4 pieces) connected on the cable and at a higher frequency muskets 514MHz and 522MHz it gives me many continuitty errors (about 30-80 per hour). I installed latest drivers, I tried on several tv boxes, with one or more tuners at the same time, tvheadend 4.2 - 4.3, coreelec and libreelec, amlogic s905x3, khadas vim3pro, rpi4 and x86. In all variants it is identical, errors and short interruptions of about one second. There are no errors at lower frequencies.
How can I try another firmware I found one here (, by my archaic method of comparison I it seemed to be different from the one that is installed from the coreelec. My knowledge is almost nil in this area, so maybe I was wrong.

However, I would be grateful if the owners of such tuners would share their experiences with me, if they encountered this situation at higher frequencies and if they managed to solve it somehow.


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No idea how to sort your problem. I had an issue where some muxes would not pick up any channels.
Highlight a mux, then edit, change everything to auto, then save, then try re scanning.

yes, I tried again. he does the same.
I read on several forums, it seems that it is a fairly widespread tuner primarily due to the low price, but the hardware is also in line with the price. however, someones said that a patch could be applied that fixed something about these errors. I’m sorry I didn’t save the site …

Yes - the Xbox One tuners have some real issues in some territories with some frequencies it seems (particularly with DVB-T2 modulation). I suspect this is less hardware related and more driver related - as the devices work OK with the Xbox One I believe on the same muxes.

I think there may be an LNA option or similar potentially? If people notice some frequencies are more error-prone than others, that could be because their antenna solution provides less gain at those frequencies (it’s common for rooftop antennas to be ‘optimised’ for a sub-set of the Band IV and V UHF TV bands, and also common for some DVB-T/T2 muxes to be broadcast outside the same range as the old analogue TV groups in many regions)

I had two of these tuners and always had some problems in dvb-c. One of the muxes was never tuned. It didn’t work perfectly but was usable. It depended strongly on the signal quality. For some it works perfectly so a problem in drivers is less likely (it was optimized years ago) than a lack of quality in the hardware. In the end we mainly get what we pay for and sometimes we hit the jackpot.

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It means I don’t really have a chance to solve it. The signal strength is 69-72% and I don’t think I can improve it anymore, I tried with 3 different splitter and connector models and I also fit the signal in the same range. So I also suspect that it is because of the hardware, and so I will have to stop looking for solutions for this tuner model. I’ve wasted too much time already, and the problem is not worth investing more in “research.”

@Vasco - if you use or have used another tuner model on dvb-c that you do not have this problem, please tell me which model you recommend.

The usb tuner I liked the most was the mygica/geniatech T230. It seems mygica doesn’t sell this anymore and they now sell a T230A that’s not supported at the moment. You also have the mygica t230C that is supposed to work well but I haven’t tested it. I think I’ll buy one in the near future. I use AliExpress to buy this.
For the daily use the best approach is something like the silicondust hdhomerun satip tuners.


For now I think I will declare myself almost satisfied with what I have, I can continue my life happily with these little problems. A sat-ip solution makes me smile, but I think it’s not worth investing and for that, In fact I don’t necessarily need something like that.

Thanks for the advice, I will look for a mygica and for a next order on aliexpress I will take one out of curiosity.

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