Yatse on Coreelec?

Hello everybody,
I have a X96 Max Plus Ultra S905X4 rev b, 4g 32 Gb 100 Mb with CE ng 20.0.
I try to use Yatse to control the box from a smartphone, like i was used to before with Libreelec on a Rapsberry.
But the box CE is not recognized, with the correct IP addresse, port and Avahi (Zeroconf) activated.
Have you already encountered the same problem ?
Thank you for your help.

Check the ‘control’ section in settings.
Not sure where zeroconf should come in here for remote control.
Also, ‘allow control from other systems’ should be enabled.

Thank you Atreyu for your quick answer.
You’re right, i made a confusion between “settings/coreelec/services” and “settings/services/control”.
It works, thank you very much.

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