Your Android Box Lifespan?

Hi people
I am curious to know how long your Android AMLOGIC box has worked? From my side I notice that my boxes work 2/3 years then die. With a fan or not it’s the same and even keeping a temperature around 36/40 the box will start to sparkle or dysfunction after 2/3 years … and your ? (I use a strong USB Fan 8mm/4 inch)
Thanks for your words

I own three boxes so far. All still work. It’s been a Nexbox A95X B7N 1/8G since summer 2018. This is my travel companion. One Z69 3/32G since December 2018. The latter was my daily driver for 18 months. It’s now sitting in a box. Both boxes had a S905x chip. It was replaced in May 2020 with a next generation Y8 max 4/64/1Gbit with S905x³ chip.

All boxes work with the stock PSU on an wireless socket. I always use on demand governor, so no external fan is necessary. I don’t even need to drill holes in the boxes to better the airflow.

Temperature ranges from 45°C/115°F with Kodi Estuary doing nothing. 57°C/134°F playing 1080p hevc content. And up to 70°C/160°F when scanning content into library.

Yes I have 3 box too but the two other stay unused brand new in my basement I use it only sometimes…

Well I speak about the box I have used 8 hours each day my kid and me and this one with big fan to keep temp under 40° die after 2/3 years use … its the 2nd I replace. not totally died but flickering or some black screen frames every minutes or so thats mean transistor/chip died

Buy better boxes, my odroid c4 has been on permanently for years, i have a beelink mx must be well over 5 years old now acting as a backup and emby server running coreelec 24/7.

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CEC wake up the box in same time as TV but not sure its a good thing because often on/off are a stress component … may be better to let it on permanently 24/24h I don’t know ?

Tanix Tx3 mini bought Nov. 2017
Used for a time at TV, but later moved to do server duty for Live TV.
It is on 24/7

Only failure is the display has lost segments.



Anyway when I see this boxes price on AliExpress I think that its better to pay 30$ and replace frequently than to buy a device more expensive which we will not sure about lifespan.

This is the same problem with laptop and all device … Top line may will work longer than cheapest but in the end its not worth it to pay more

There are some used ODROID N2 boxes for ~$50 used on ebay at the moment, if you are in the US.

Yes S922X is powerful… but I use my box for streaming movies from my laptop and some IPTV so its useless for me …

So a powerful box can’t be used for streaming movies and IPTV? :thinking:

Yes you can, but its like Ferrari GT on 30 kmh road limited…

If both cars cost about the same, where is the downside of using the nicer one?

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