Youtube App breaks with Python 3 requirement

There are a bunch of commits all mixed in together against 6.8.x which include a switch to Python 3.

Hopefully they untangle it and make 6.8 Python 2 again before release but if not it might mean buying new hardware to update from Odroid C2 to Odroid C4 in order to run CoreELEC. Lame.

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Python 3 is part of Kodi 19-Matrix. We are already at Kodi Omega 21.
Upgrade your hardware or you need to stay with Kodi Leia.

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It looks like at the end of the day it should be possible to disentangle Python 3 from these patches and have a working version for Leia. However it may not end up in any repos but be something people have to do for themselves.

I tried a few of the edits mentioned ( ) to fix this on my N2. But they failed. What fixed it was a newer version - Release 7.x.x-dev · anxdpanic/ · GitHub. I installed from zip and all back to normal :slight_smile:

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