Youtube connection failed


I’ve made a fresh install of CoreELEC on my Wetek Play 2 (on SD card).

Everything works fine for now, except the 2step connection to youtube account. The second step failed sayin that the “google sign-in” feature is temporarily diseabled for this application Kodi #1.

What’s wrong?

it’s a youtube addon / kodi issue.
check out the workaround here:

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Thank you!

I’ll check this when i will have more coffee and some time to test, because the workaround seems to be a little complex for me :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I tried several time, also with alternative process described in the linked forum, but no success!
No big deal, youtube is working, just not connected to my account.

the personal api workaround, as specified here:
works for me.
it would be very strange if you followed the exact steps and it didn’t work for you…