Zerotier from Entware, after today, wont work

After today, when install zerotier from Entware, was not possible to start the service.

zerotier-one -d give the follow message: “-sh: zerotier-one: not found”

After goes to /storage/.opt/bin/ and change the file zerotier-one from a old version, everything works again…

Someone to give a help…

I assume file was not there? Then it can’t run :slight_smile:

@truztruz: Sorry I can’t confirm it, many months ago I stopped using entware-zerotier replacing it with docker zyclonite/zerotier on all my CE devices even the oldest ones.

I use this install command:

docker run -d \
  --name 9993-zerotier-one \
  --device=/dev/net/tun \
  --net=host \
  --cap-add=NET_ADMIN \
  --cap-add=SYS_ADMIN \
  --cap-add=SYS_RAWIO \
  -v /storage/.config/dockers/zerotier-one:/var/lib/zerotier-one \
  --restart unless-stopped \
  --privileged \

# commands
# docker exec 9993-zerotier-one zerotier-cli status
# docker exec 9993-zerotier-one zerotier-cli join <your-zt-network-id>

I also recommend that you always install the docker portainer utility

Hello vpeter, yes the file is there, but i believe is some error in the version of that file.


thanks cubimol, nice to know , there is more solutions… :ok_hand: :ok_hand: :ok_hand:

The file was fixed, now everything works normally again.

Some Moderator can close the thread please.

Thanks you both for help.

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