Zidoo Z9X and support for Cortex-A55?

Hi - I’m a new owner of a Z9X and would like to get some version of Kodi/CoreElec installed on it. What are my options?

I believe I should be looking for something that supports the Cortex-A55, correct?

I’m currently using CoreElec on a Beelink King Pro - is there a version of CoreElec that will work with the Cortex-A55? Is it also the S928 processor?

Zidoo Z9X is equipped with chipset RTD1619DR hexa-core 64bit high-performance processor,

SoC RTD1619DR which is not supported.

@gossamer: You can install either the regular Kodi from the Play Store or you can install Zidoo’s own version of Kodi which they call ZDMC. You’ll find the link to the ZDMC installer on the Zidoo website here:


Did I make a mistake in purchasing this with the intention of using it with Kodi?

I’d really like to stick with CoreElec. I’m familiar with the hardware list, but it’s simply a list of processors, not necessarily something I can find on Amazon. Ideas for a chipset/hardware combination that’s equivalent to the Z9X that provides 4K?

CoreELEC will never be compatible with Zidoo devices, they use a chipset not supported by CoreELEC, so if you want to stick with CoreELEC you need a different device. I used to use a Zidoo Z9S but am now using an Odroid N2+ running CoreELEC and find it works very well playing all my locally stored music and video files up to and including 4K with ATMOS or DTS-X reliably.

Do you have other hardware recommendations that work with CoreElec? Something that maps the chipsets to actual hardware devices I can find on Amazon?

I’ve had success with the Beelink products - are there others that are supported now?

See wiki coreelec:devsupported [CoreELEC Wiki]

Odroid N2/N2+
Best hardware device until yet.

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