25fps TV content starts playback at 25fps then switches to 50fps

I’m using my Mecool Pro + and Minix U1 is running CoreELEC 8.90.3 to watch live TV in UK with a Remote Tvheadend backend.

When I change channels, the content is initially played back at 25fps and then changes to 50fps after about one second. The change in framerate causes a blank screen on my TV which lasts a couple of seconds. This gets very annoying when channel surfing.
Could the content being interlaced be throwing off the fps algorithm?
Its the same experience on my Vero 4k running OSMC which suggests that there is a common Kodi issue?

Here’s the logs: http://ix.io/1cRz

How can I stop this from happening without de-whitelisting either the 25fps or 50 fps frame rates.

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