3D Frame Packed (MVC) output with CoreELEC?

Is it possible to include the OSCM code for 3D Frame Packed Output (MVC) to CE?
see here: https://osmc.tv/2020/02/osmcs-january-update-is-here-4/
It works on Vero 4K+, why not on our beautiful N2?
Any thoughts?

Possible yes but there is little to no demand for it, add also that no developer here has a 3D compatible display and no way to test it.

I add myself to 3d request and can test everything you need.

I support that 3D request and also can test everything you need.

I’d also like to finally have working MVC; it’s just about the only thing I miss on my N2…

Also have 3d LG TV also willing to test on my n2

I have a 3D projector and would be happy to test as well. The only reason I keep an old dusty Rpi3 around is for 3D MVC and it doesn’t do bitstreaming. Having this on my N2 would be wonderful!

second that too love to see 3d also working on n2

I’d also like to have 3D Frame Packed working in CoreELEC :+1:

I also would like MVC support, pleeeease. :blush:

could you atleast consider it would be appreciated alot. still alot of user do 3d.

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also please add me to the list of MVC support.
really finally would like to not burn blurays anymore - because Pi3 has no HD-Audio :frowning:

Since here on CE there is no, or very little, interest in 3D MVC support, at the moment the best solution is to move to Vero 4K+, that has got full 3D, including MVC, support. Read review here.

Glad to hear.
Back to business: Do you think it is possible for you or @cdu13a to realize 3D-MVC support in CE with the information Sam provided? I think there are several users with MVC content in their libraries, who would be deeply grateful …

I looked through the link that was posted by osmc.
I am not developer and I can see there is some things already different in CoreELEC. For instance amvideocap changes need looking.
Maybe it will help:

any way to port this to another S905X(y)?

Another vote for 3D MVC. It’s the only thing missing to make the N2 with Coreelec go from “almost perfect” to “complete and perfect solution.” Right now, I still have a sluggish Pi3 hooked up, just for 3D, but then I have to choose between 3D and Atmos.

I though 3D is dead for years? :rofl:

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No, it is not dead! There are a lot of 3D-movies/discs in the wild…

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Hehe, wishful thoughts :wink:
For me it’s very alive and kicking; no UHD, HDR+, DV, whatever…, can beat 3D experience and delight.

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