3D MVC support

I’m wondering if there’s any chance you’ll include support for 3D MVC (MKV or ISO)? I am aware there are some limitations, but I’ve read there are hacks to get it working. At this point even 3D MVC to half SBS / TAB output would be great.

Been covered before…Odroid C2 and 3D MVC full resolution?

Yes, I’ve seen it, but I didn’t want to bump a 6 month old thread. I was hoping maybe something has changed.

I would also kindly ask for 3D MVC support. Sam Nazarko states that Team CoreELEC received the necessary patches from OSMC. OSMC has tested and working 3D MVC support on their Amlogic VERO device.
It would be nice to have the same on CoreELEC.
If there would be an insider alpha version ready, I’m more than happy to volunteer for testing.