3GB RAM H96 Pro

I was lurking around @Walmart and stumbled on this Set-Top Box H96Pro Amlogic S912 Octa Core Cpu 3+16G/32G Tv Box Home Entertainment Device $7.50 + Free S/H and wonder if anyone here has ordered it. From the Which DTB do I use? discussion thread, it looks like this device is supported under CE. I am aware of @anon88919003 no longer recommends to buy any S912 product. However, since the price is so affordable, I went ahead to place an order for some units and hope it is not a scam.

At that price I would buy as many as you could and sell them on eBay for profit :astonished: … and then buy a S905D box.

If you search the forum there is a number of people who own this box.

@anon88919003: Thank you.

Pricing error? Should be $75?


Damn - I just ordered 100 (not really) :star_struck:

LOL. That would be like paying US $750 in total.

Yeah, I’m waiting on my H96 pro+

Just wanted to let everyone here know that this offer looks like a scam. The reason is simply the shipping weight on my order of several units is about 1/2 lbs! Does not make sense at all. Perhaps, it is time to contact the seller to inquire what exactly the ad is all about and then file for a full refund.

Would it not be better to wait for the delivery and see what you receive first? They could have just missed a digit in the shipping weight.

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Sorry for such a late response. However, you are right. The shipment has arrived and it contains several iPhone protective tempered glasses (not the advertised item), a definite SCAM! So far, the ad has been taken down by Walmart and it is time to file for a dispute to get my money back.

Ouch thats ashame, sorry to hear that but it did sound too good to be true, there is some royal scumbags around.

TBH, that wasn’t bad at all because now I am left with a bunch of free iPhone 5S protective tempered glasses (Walmart promptly refunded all my money).