4K HDR10+ movies to a 1920 SDR TV

Good morning all

I was currently on Matrix 19.2 and updated to Matrix 19.4.
By switching to this version, HDR10+ films no longer play on my non-HDR TV. They are black and colorless.
So I tried different versions and only Matrix 19.4 Rc1 works with my HDR10+ movies to my SDR TV.

Do you have an idea of ​​the problem.
My Box is an F2 S905X2

Regards Laurent

Try the latest nightly.

I run an S905X2 on a non HDR TV and HDR to SDR is as good as it gets.

It’s a known problem that HDR10+ to SDR and HLG to SDR is currently broken.

I just haven’t had time yet to look into it further.

OK thanks for your answer.
Hopefully this issue will be resolved in the future.
So i stay on Matrix 19.4 Rc1

It’s on my list of things to try and fix. I just need to get enough free time to take a closer look at it.

For something that is broken it certainly worked as well as it has ever done with my tests of HDR10+ material.

Reading an Hdr 10 film on an HDR television is ok, but an Hdr 10 film on a non-Hdr television does not work.
It may be ok for you but for those who don’t have HD TV, no

I don’t have an HDR TV either.

what is your box ?

I just downloaded the latest nightly 20220413 and I still have my black screen problem with Hdr movies on my Sdr tv even with the Hdr to Sdr tone map feature enabled