4k play back and audio passthrough

Hello , im new to the forum
I have gt king B922 works great with corelec except for one problem it cannot handle sound above 2 channels if i put the seeting on anything heigher the sound go like burping or something like that and the picture also is black on the tv however the same movie with 7.1 channels works pefferctly on the same equipment using gt1 ultimate

Any ideas ?

Make sure to switch into Expert view in the Audio menu and enable passthrough for the formats your A/V equipment supports, then follow this post: (you need to be running a nightly build for this)

Thank you , will try this and revert

Thx again

It is woking but…
There is trick , output configuration on audio settings
If you leave it on best match u will not get GUI sounds which is fine but the stereo sounds will also be silent

So i tried to change that to fixed or optimized and it is working great

Thank you