4K Zoomed In


Not sure if anybody can help me or not, I have a strange issue with my N2 - it was working fine but now if I play any 4K content the video is ‘zoomed in’ - ie I can only see a portion of it. I can get the same effect if I change the GUI to 4K, whereas previously both worked as they should. I have tried different HDMI cables but it has no effect. I have a satellite box in HDMI 1, N2 in HDMI 2 and a Chromecast (non 4K model) in HDMI 3.


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Mate that’s some kind of witchcraft, it worked :slight_smile:

Did I do something to cause it initially or is it a known issue?

May be you used some calibration before or restored from old backup. So you got this section in xml file.
But this effect is related to 9.2.1 4K GUI scaling feature. So it’s known.

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Had same issue, did what you described, worked for me too.
Thanks a lot !