9.0.3 Discussion

Why do you think that? All my boxes have 60p GUI without any problem.

I set my GUI to 50Hz in order to avoid constant refresh rate switching when watching TV.
Watching 25FPS or 50FPS content at 60Hz refresh rate results in constant frame skips/stutters.


Hi… I’ve made some test again with last nightly’s and 9.0.3 on my two C2’s… So i’ve got video playback only on one C2 which is plugged to an avr which is plugged to tv and benq videoprojector… I try to modify audio and video settings to fix… But nothing (i ve no problem with 9.0.1)

Yes, I am located in Germany. I already tested it with Pi3B+ and Libreelc. There were no problems with 60fps. But I bought an N2, therefore I switched to Coreelec. Indeed, I don’t realy need 60fps but it’s weird it doesn’t work with Coreelec. Maybe it’s because it is the first release with N2 support and not all problems were known.

Due to the fact that I have stutters/skips with the N2 when using 60fps

There are no problems with 60p. RPi probably had the option to adjust playback to display turned on.
This doesn’t work well on AML, and it also breaks audio passthrough, so it’s disabled by default and hidden from the GUI.

CE can handle 60p GUI for sure. If you experience stutters or skips then you have to find the reason for that.

Closing due to 9.2.0 release, further discussion here .