9.2.0 Discussion

I think I am getting the same resolution switching issues treboR2Robert was discussing the previous 9.0.3 thread. i.e. getting black screens going from playing content back to menu

Anyone know what the fix or trouble shooting process is?

Hi. I’m thinking about getting one of those s905x3 boxes with 11.11 promotions.

Are any of them fully working? Or, will any be supported in a near future?

Thanks for your great effort!

I’ve enabled subtitles in the settings but they are still disabled when I try to play some movie. If I enable them and the Set as default for all media, they are still not enabled when I start a new movie.

How can I debug this one? I’m using an Odroid N2.

This is Kodi related. Try to replicate the issue on Windows/Linux/Android.

I think X96 Max+ is maybe good for you. it has s905x3, and has a Gigabit NIC, I bought one on taobao today.

When you have it, could you tell me the progress of CoreELEC in it? :wink:

Maybe for Black Friday or Christmas I’ll buy one. Android in this kind of boxes is a little crappy, I think, and I’m very happy with CoreELEC in a S912 box, so I’d like to change to a new box, but with a stable/running version of CoreELEC.


I used to use an S912 and went to an S905X2 I find the picture quality of the S905X2 is not as good as the S912. The colours arn’t as bright and often skin tones seem a little orange / sepia. It is a little like the early versions on S905 were a little cartoon like. I have no doubt it will improve as it did with the S905. I need to do some testing to see if its the upscaling that is the problem also i need to test in android to see if the picture quality is better there.
I have ordered an “X96 Max +” too they are GB£22 US$28 with 4GB Ram 1GB Ethernet and 5G Wifi I can use it for something even if CE Does Not Work.

I can should received the box on tomorrow (Nov 12), and I will test coreelec nightly builds.

The only SM1 (S905*3) device supported at this time is the Khadas VIM3L, none of these other devices will work with our images, the image we created for VIM3L will also not work on other devices.

Please move S905X3 talk to an appropriate thread.

I must say this 9.2.0 build is excellent and have it running smoothly (except for one problem) on my S905X and S912 boxes and also have installed in on a friends new Beelink GT King too. However one small problem is that in running up the subtitles option during playing a video if I select Browse For Subtitles the system locks up needing a power off reboot on all these boxes. All else is fine for the more usual downloading subtitles option. Sure it is not very often I need to select the Browse for Subtitles optioon but occasionally where I have some downloaded subtitle files I do want to use this option. So no big deal butr thought the feedback might be useful.

Is this a known bug. I searched for any such problem using the search engine but nothign relevant came up. So if it has been answered before then my apologies and maybe just point me to the right place.

Much appreciation as always for this superb Corelec 9.2.0 build and all the work you amazing guys put into this. A big thank you.

Does I still need the „daily“ images for the VIM3?

VIM3 can use the stable release, it does say in the changelog. :wink:

But what about the green screen?
There was a fix in the nightly Builds

For green screen of course nightly and wait next stable or downgrade Android…

Ok. I though there will be a little patch already
Like or something :slight_smile:

Can I use with this 9.2?


Tips for CoreELEC users:

As the Android ROM and CoreELEC used different version U-Boot on VIM3, and you have to edit config.ini file to solve the green screen issue:


CoreELEC team will update the Linux kernel in the future, and you don’t need to edit it manually then.

Jup same thing for me, I am also getting those black screens before and after content is played.

It’s probably refresh rate/resolution switches to match the content.

Closing due to 9.2.1 release, further discussion here .