9.2.2 Discussion

I have a feeling it has to do with bootloader, without hd’s its oke and went straight to coreelec, with hd’s this behavior…

If somebody could collect UART logs for N2 with this issue it will be helpful
Also please clarify how much memory on you box

@gordohat, if you have different sd card, you could try to make 9.2.2 fresh install on it.
If it works than you can try to start again from current sd card
If current sd card doesn’t work after that then need to compare config.ini file on both and dtb.img files…

@copyer, what port is your hdd connected?
does it work if connect it to another one?


Can’t find how to configure remote wakeup in CE-settings.
Does that means that we now can shutdown the box and wake it up with a remote ?
If it is, I can’t find it in CE-Settings, only find “USB Power” and “Vesa display”.
Thanks for your help

Well, 4 hd-hub in one and above nothing and 1 hd in the next one and above a remote stick…
I did mix it but still the errors…

The changelog information talks a lot about -ng without explaining what it is. Was quite surprised to see that there is some -ng at all (AFAIK there was no mention of it in earlier changelogs etc or migration procedure).

First of all, many thanks for the update and the endless hours of work the CE team is putting into this. Much appreciated!

One quick question before I update: Following early advice, when the N2 was new, I’ve been overclocking it with the following cpu frequencies: a73=2004, a53=1992. I know you guys updated the kernel. Therefore my question: Can I keep my N2 overclocked when upgrading, or should I “downclock” it (how) before?

Any advice appreciated!

Dont have any HW to collect the UART logs, but I tried to enable debugging.
It gives me different error messages each time it reboots, looks to be a memory issue as its trying to flush the memory based on what I can see on the screen.
Removed all USB drives, works without a issue.

If you could give me a page how I can secure the debugging log I can share it.

Did some testing I have 3 drives connected to N2, 2 have external power adapter, 1 dosent.
When I removed the drive that doesn’t have a external adapter (getting power directly from N2 device) everything went back to normal.

sorted the MCE usb receiver not working. I left TBS dvb drivers enabled, and dvb drivers from latest kernel disabled, then I copied a new rc_maps.cfg from /etc/rc_maps.cfg to /storage/.config/rc_maps.cfg and hashed out the the lines as below to stop double presses with the built in receiver

# Custom LibreELEC configuration starts here
# use combined multi-table on MCE receivers
#*             rc-rc6-mce      rc6_mce
#*               rc-rc6-mce      libreelec_multi

# multi-table for amlogic devices
#meson-ir        *               libreelec_multi

I had a USB mem stick in one of the ports. It now boots up ok on 9.2.2 after unplugging it. Actually found now that the problem only occurs when the USB stick is in one particular USB port - the one on the bottom row, next to the DC power socket. My N2 has 4G memory.

Congrats on the update! My Odroid N2 4GB with 16GB eMMC updated fine using te .tar in .update folder. No USB storage attached, only a WiFi and remote receiver dongle.

I’m especially happy with the pause/resume fix :slight_smile:

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Sorry. Here 9.2.2 seems really broken. Device is GT King rev. B. After upgrade I lost TVHeadEnd and ethernet port. I connected the device by a usb adapter, updated some addons but TVHeadEnd does not work. I used TBS drivers.

@glat it’s not broken, as explained earlier in the thread you need to update your Android firmware.

I had a N2 on nightly.

And 2 H96 MAX2 On 9.2.1

All ok.

Support for Odroid C4? Any specs of this device? Google search doesn’t show any information…

You have to wait for official announcement.

Strange, everything works fine for me. I also use Beelink GT King rev. A (B922) …and I haven’t had any problems on the last few nightly builds.

Generic S905x, running 9.2.1 then automatically updated to 9.2.2. After install Plex addon wasn’t working, Need to reinstall Plex to get it working.

What update settings you need to configure to block 9.2.2 update? I have two other S905x running 9.2.1 but would like to delay the update since the people using it are not capable of any troubleshooting. They are basically Plex boxes so I need to disable the notification to update.

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And set update to Manual.

Thanks, I will try it. I’ve already instructed them not to turn it on so it won’t download any update. Due to these covid19 issue our place is on lockdown so I won’t be able to update it myself.

Could not wait. I simply undid the overclocking and resumed default values before updating. Updated. All well. Despite undoing the overclocking the N2 feels snappier than ever. Subjectively, the picture looks better, too. Many thanks again, team CoreELEC!