9.2.2 Discussion

Congrats on the new release! Just curious, any other benefits for us old S912 users other than Kodi 18.6 (just to be clear, this is awesome by itself)? Cheers!

Nope, full power off to to boot and useable it still 13 seconds, maybe 15 if you count the posting crap and TVHeadend loading.
20 if your anal lol.
30 if your getting picky :rofl:

But all i have on my system is a custom skin and TVH, thats it.

Amazing update, fast snappy and the picture is definitely better.


Some of the features can’t be used in the old kernel so they’re not available for older devices. You can try funhouse builds for some of the features in part of the devices:

I’m experiencing boot loop on N2 after upgrading to 9.2.2 from 9.2.1.

Like others who have encountered the same problem, N2 will boot fine if USB drive isn’t connected at startup. Only when the USB drive is connected will N2 enter into endless boot loop during fresh startup. Each loop ended with different text string (exception, loaded firmware, detected SuperSpeed USB device, etc).

EDIT: I can confirm gordohat’s finding in that loop only occurs when you use the USB port that is on the bottom row, next to the DC power connector.

Weird, i had a 8TB drive connected, and a 4TB drived piggy backed of that for Batocera roms.

I also have this issue on 9.2.2, updated from 9.2.1 automatically.
Attached storage breaks boot on N2. If I remove it, it boots, then I can reconnect the disk and all is well. Disk is a seagate 4TB 3,5" (self powered). Issue happens on every port.

Also, it forgot all network settings upon first boot after updating (manual connection, manual IP v4 assignment, manual DNS server setting).

General feel is amazing. Much faster, picture quality seems better. Boot with attached USB storage is the ONLY thing bugging me.

Thank you very much for your work guys!

@trumpet205, as temporary solution switch you USB drive in another port. Some of them should work with your HDD.

@roden, I think your HDDs have they own power. That is why you don’t have an issue :wink:

Ya im running 8TB self powered with a 4TB piggyback Self Powered and no issues.

Times are rough, should be 2x 12TB :rofl:

Yep, previously I was using the port that is on the bottom row, next to the power connector.

Moving the drive to the port above it and N2 now boots without loop.

I successfully upgraded to 9.2.2, but I got reboot loop, and the system boots to safe mods only. Here are the logs: http://ix.io/2hVC
Do you have idea, how to resolve this problem?

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Im on port 4, so bottom next to HDMI Port.

I have updated my N2 since last nightly to 9.2.2 without problems. Coreelec in emmc and with a micro sd and a usb with data.

Thanks for all to the devs

@KAMI looks like your Addons database is corrupt.

2020-04-13 21:02:14.497 T:4091375632   ERROR: SQL: [Addons27.db] SQLite error SQLITE_CORRUPT (database disk image is malformed)

Delete the file Addons27.db and you should be okay then but you will need to re-enable your add-ons.

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This solved my problem, thank you very much!

Upgrade went well on 2 Odroid N2

Reproducible problem (almost instant slowdown then video hangs and controls unresponsive) playing some rarred SD content on Odroid N2.

Logs @ https://pastebin.com/yEPQX4vB

It crashed around 23:50 time today so maybe this bit?

2020-04-13 23:50:37.955 T:4063510544   DEBUG: SECTION:UnloadDll(/storage/.kodi/addons/vfs.rar/vfs.rar.so.2.3.0)
2020-04-13 23:50:37.955 T:4063510544    INFO: ADDON: Dll Destroyed - RAR archive support
2020-04-13 23:50:37.955 T:3628692352   DEBUG: Thread Timer 3628692352 terminating
2020-04-13 23:50:37.960 T:4063510544    INFO: ADDON: cpluff: 'An unreleased information object was encountered at address 0x2771180 with reference count 1 when destroying the associated plug-in context. Not releasing the object.'

This crash happens when playing the TV show from rars. If I unrar first, no crash. Other rarred TV shows work OK.

Can I safely downgrade to 9.2.1 if I put the tar in /update folder? I want to see if this is specfic to 9.2.2. (I am running only from microSD)

@RowanCE It’s a known issue with the vfs.rar add-on and was reported some days ago in the nightly thread, unfortunately we do not maintain 3rd party add-ons, extract your content instead of trying to play it directly from a rar archive.

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Thanks I’ll follow the issues @ https://github.com/xbmc/vfs.rar/issues/67

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Updated to 9.2.2 from stable,went well,only problem I had was when I switched audio from 2.0 to 7.1 I had no sound,on the fourth try it started working again,
weird but it seems ok now,thx a lot guys,that was a very big update,it’s really appreciated