Thanks. I will attempt to access that this evening.

before you delete or rename it, do a CE backup from CE settings

Ok, I will run a CE backup first of all.

I forgot that I have CE installed on an SD card. As CE only gives access to Kodi there’s no way I can install any kind of file manager unless such a thing exists in Kodi Add-ons?

Perhaps, another way to approach the issue would be to remove the SD card, boot into Android so I can access Total Commander or another SSH utility, and then reconnect the SD card. What do you think?

Kodi has a built in file manager called File Manager.
Go to the main settings interface and you will see it.
It is quite simplistic but easy to use.

You can simply insert a flash drive to direct your backup or copy your files too, or add a network source and add it to that.

To do a backup, you just need to go to CE settings, select backup, it will then let you choose the backup location, usually it will be the backup folder already on the sd card, no need for a file manager.
So, even if you delete the db file, you can restore the backup tar file via the CE settings interface.

I use corelite running from my pc to access CE files

This folder contains loads of different files. Should I delete all of them?
Using the File Manager I could find no way to rename a file.

just delete or rename the my video.db file

As I have said I use coreftp lite to access my box.

Hi there.
Since have been having wifi issues where it will lose the connection and sometimes not connect at all. On the previous version is was solid as a rock. Its a s905x device with a edup usb wifi adapter rtl8811 chipset.

Hello al922x dont working in alsa s32_le. Sad

Your alternator doesn’t work? (AL922X)
Explain your problem coherently and post relevant logs. Your sad emotions don’t help us diagnose potential issues.


Hi experts,

I’m running CoreELEC on a MeCool KII Pro S905 box. Until the new version everything was fine and all playbacks, including TV streams were running smoothly.

But since the new update on the playback is very jerky now. Does anybody know what the issue is and how to solve it? Otherwise I need to switch back to the previous version, as watching like this is annoying after a while.

Thank you!

Welcome on your first post.
Please have a read HERE how to post logs

Hi kostaman,

thank you for your message. The log-url is: http://ix.io/2BmS


Hi again,

I don’t know what it is, but anything must have been changed in the latest version, that my playback is not wroking smooth anymore, even the settings stayed the same. When I turn back to the previous version, everything works fine again.
Any ideas?

Thank you & best regards,

His logs are just 1 post up.
He waited 3 days, and then did a bump. That’s not unreasonable.

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Ah, thx. Then I missed it, can’t check everything in detail every time. Thank you for your hint!

I checked your log and see nothing what could cause the issue - just that your hardware is gxb, S905.
Please try a fresh clean install on another boot media with only the really need addons. There were no “big” updates on the Amlogic (GXB/GXL/GXM) project since a long time.