A95X F3 Air Feedback Install CE

I’m not sure how can I pull logs as box won’t boot at all via emmc. It doesn’t even shows the boot logo. Is there anything I can do in such a situation to pull logs or enable verbose mode.

As for microsd it is working fine and has no issues.

Aha ! The SDIO debug board. Don’t have it. Nor the adapter. Plus I guess that’s tad ahead of my forte. Although I understand that’s only way to figure out what’s happening on boot.

Theoretically, I think it could be the bootloader that might have some kind of hard filter. Otherwise it seems improbable why an armOS can boot from a mounted disc and not from emmc … both using the same board.

ceemmc -x output

Don’t waste your time. Locked bootloader. Same as the F2.

Ok. Thanks .

as mentioned, here is the writeup on how the AES key was obtained

Thank you for your study. I am not sure if we are allowed to handle this.
I can confirm the AES key is correct but it is only a part of the encryption process.
But you get access to other keys in the binary for the other blobs but the method is unknown and only can be found by reversing the encryption tool available what for sure leads to license violation.

I personally do not see much sense to decrypt the bootloader as a lot of devices do exist with not encrypted bootloader. And I am not sure if such encrypted device decrypted does allow widevine L1 as the kernel do need to support it as well.

I have installed CoreELEC-Amlogic-ng.arm-19.4-Matrix_nightly_20220121-Generic and sm1_s905x3_4g on my A95X F3 air box and I have o problem: coreelec it’s keeping my Androidbox always on (stuck with the “Boot” message and lights on) because it’s only entering in standby (it does not completely shutdown the box). How do I completely shutdown the box?

Please boot into Android and try to define your board revision. It’s something like include ac213, ac214 or ac215 in the text

How/where do I find it? I have installed Aida64 and nothing with ac21x.

Try to dump your Android dtb as the ac21x should be included there:

dtb.img.gz (249.5 KB)

I don’t know how to read it, so I am posting it here. Hope that it does not have all my passwords :))

Your Android dtb is encrypted. Sorry, next time buy supported hardware…

No problem, thank you for the info!

Today i recived my 2/16 F3 to replace my mecool m8s pro l, since s912 is no longer supported. F3 work with coreelec without problem i can use original remote and front clock is working. But i have problem with cec implementation on my 65’ samsung smart tv. Samsung have some wizard for “smart control” when you connect hdmi device to tv, and in that wizard i cant find a95x manufactuer to compleat setup. On my old device mecool this was not problem since i was able to find it under ott devices but a95x is not present. Did any of you fund way to compleat setup since if i dont compleat setup tv box restarts if i turn it off

Should appear as CoreELEC, or whatever name you configured in System settings.

Its not like that, this is setup window on samsung for universal remote

Can’t really help you with that, sorry. My LG TV picks up the device without problem.
I don’t know why you’d need a CEC Wizard…

Do you have the Anynet+/HDMI-CEC option active on Samsung Menu (General - External Device Manager)?

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