Unsigned code loader for Amlogic bootrom

Try my amlogic-usbdl .
I made/copy script to doing all dump decrypt extract.
git clone GitHub - Raxone/amlogic-usbdl_s905x3: s905x3 Dump Bootrom BL1
cd amlogic-usbdl_s905x3
If have problem with permission fix with chmod.
cd amlogic-usbdl_s905x3
“chmod 755 -R .” or “chmod 777 -R .”

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I moved this information into this forum area as CoreELEC can not give any help or support about such tools. Any user will be warned to maybe brick his device or the loose of warranty when using this tools.

Will this work for a box that has usb download protected by password? I have an A95X F3 Air which uses this method and when I tried Frederic’s original tool previously it did not work.

This script and program don’t touch any things on box emmc .
Just read and decrypt for info things.